Mumbai’s CSMIA staff returns lost Rs 20,000 cash, shows integrity


Due to the usual hustle and bustle at the airport, people tend to lose their personal and valuable belongings, and there is a near impossible chance of getting it back. However, in an extraordinary act of integrity and honesty, an airport staff at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) returned a hefty wad of cash back to the airport authorities after one of the passengers left it behind at the airport. 

Passenger handler, Massiullah Khan, who was deployed at Terminal-1 departures was in his night shift when he found the wad of Rs 20,000 cash unattended and lying on the ground. He immediately took the wad and handed it over to the CISF who was stationed near him. 

The CISF inspector took the amount to his custody and deposited it to the Duty Terminal Manager’s (DTM) office. The DTM’s team is following all the necessary protocols to identify and verify the rightful owner to whom the cash will be returned. Massiullah’s honesty and quick to feet thinking was appreciated by the airport officials and was rewarded on the spot with Rs 1000 for his act of sincerity.

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Massiullah is one of the many diligent CSMIA’s staff who everyday reach out to weary and lost passengers and go out of their way to resolve their issues in a quick and hassle-free manner. These Champions of Goodness exhibit empathy, integrity, and loyalty which CSMIA stands for. 

The staff and employees at the airport are regularly trained and sensitized to provide assistance to passengers in need and to make their onward travel easy and memorable. In case any passenger needs assistance, there are several teams deployed at the airport to assist. 

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